Paikka pappilassa accommodates 18 people at a time during the summer and a maximum of 14 people outside the summer season. If there are families with small children in the group, we may even fit a few extra beds. 


From September until the end May minimum stay is 2 nights.


A weekend in Paikka pappilassa

The price includes sheets and towels for six, sauna for self-heating whenever you like, and the cleaning fee. If there are more than 6 guests, the price increases by €10/person/night.


Extra nights


For example

2 nights / 6 guests 690 euros / 10 guests 770 euros / 14 guests 850 euros

3 nights / 6 guests 810 euros / 10 guests 930 euros / 14 guests 1050 euros

5 nights / 6 guests 1050 euros / 10 guests 1300 euros / 14 guests 1570 euros

7 nights / 6 guests 1290 euros / 10 guests 1570 euros / 14 guests 1850 euros

Christmas in the old parsonage (3 nights)

A unique opportunity to spend Christmas with your loved ones under the shelter of the log walls of the old parsonage. The price includes accommodation for 1-12 people, sheets, towels and tablecloths, use of the sauna and cleaning after your stay. The parsonage is already decorated in an old Finnish Christmas outfit, respecting the spirit of the old house e.g. with a real forest Christmas tree.


New Year in the old parsonage (2 nights)

Here up in the north, the New Year's rockets are usually viewed in the freezing cold weather, surrounded by white snow and quite often even with Aurora Borealis on the sky. The price includes accommodation for 1-12 people, sheets, towels and tablecloths, use of the sauna and cleaning after your stay. 



From the beginning of June until the end of August

In June and August minimum stay is two nights, in July five nights. In summer time Paikka pappilassa accomodates comfortably 18 people, or even a couple of more if needed. 

2-nights-stay in Paikka pappilassa

The price includes bed linen and towels for six, the use of sauna whenever you feel like heating it and the cleaning after your stay. The whole place is reserved for you, incl. the main building (10 beds), old log sheds (8 beds), sauna, wooden terrace on the river bank, a pier for swimming and a campfire site by the river. If there are more than 6 guests in your group, the price increases 10 euros/person/night.


Extra nights



2 nights / 6 guests 790 euros / 10 guests 870 euros / 16 guests 990 euros

3 nights / 6 guests 910 euros / 10 guests 1030 euros / 16 guests 1210 euros

5 nights / 6 guests 1150 euros / 10 guests 1400 euros / 16 guests 1650 euros

7 nights / 6 guests 1390 euros / 10 guests 1880 euros / 16 guests 2090 euros


Midsummer in the old parsonage (Thu-Sun, 3 nights)

The price includes accommodation for 1-18 people, sheets, towels and tablecloths, use of the sauna as often as you like and the cleaning after your stay. The yard is decorated for midsummer with midsummer birches, and the main building and log sheds with summer flowers.



Paikka pappilassa is suitable for events of about 60 people, depending on the season and the nature of the event.

From 30 to 40 people can have a dinner at the same time at the banquet hall and kitchen tables, depending on the table order. In summer time, you can get additional space from the old, rustic outbuilding, where we can set tables for 20-30 people.  You can also set up a tent on the yard - ask us for more information!

Event in Paikka pappilassa

The price of an event includes:

  • The whole main building and its' attic, an outbuilding which can be use for partying, two log sheds, terrace on the river bank and the campfire site from early morning until late evening, or actually the morning after the party
  • Dishes for 60 people
  • White table clothes on the main tables and also other tables if you like 
  • Decorations depending on the season (e.g. nature flowers, roses, tulips, narcissus or similar, conifers, wreaths, Christmas decor, Christmas tree)
  • Time for preparations starting from 1 pm the day before
  • Time for picking up your stuff the day after until 1 pm
  • Towels, kitchen rolls, toilet papers, hand wash, washing up liquids etc.
  • Cleaning after you event (does not include washing the dishes)

The price does not include accomodation. 


Meeting on weekdays

Paikka pappilassa is suitable for meetings of about 20 people. We have a 43-inch Android TV that can be connected to a computer and WLAN. The well-equipped kitchen, with dishes, and other facilities in the main building are also at your disposal during the meeting. Duration approx. 6 hours. The price includes cleaning.


Meeting with a sauna evening on weekdays

How about a meeting in the old parsonage, coffee or meals in the kitchen (see catering) and after that, a unique sauna experience in our old sauna? We will heat the sauna at the time you wish. The price includes towels for sauna benches, firewood, use of the main building and sauna, river terrace and the campfire site, as well as cleaning. Duration about 8 hours.


Sauna evening in the unique old barn sauna

In the old barn, 5 to 6 people can take a sauna at the same time. If the group is bigger, some can enjoy the evening by the riverside on the terrace or by a campfire. The price includes heating the sauna by yourselves, firewood, towels on the benches, use of the river terrace, pier and campfire site, as well as cleaning. The sauna has a refrigerator and an air heat pump. Duration about 5 hours. We rent the sauna separately only on weekdays.




Dinner, lunch, breakfast, evening snacks and other delicious servings are available with the help of our partners. Ask us for more information!


Peat sauna

The peat sauna is an unforgettable experience that you can order in connection with the accommodation at us. The price includes instructions, peat sauna itself, something to drink and small snacks in connection with the sauna, and bench protectors. Duration 1.5-2 hours. Minimum charge 5 people. The peat sauna is implemented in cooperation with Karkausmäen Kammari.


Massage and pampering

You can order various pampering treatments to Paikka pappilassa, from Indian head massages to various relaxing foot baths and full body massages. Read more at loytolantytar.fi


Hot tub for a weekend

A hot tub can be brought next to our sauna during your stay. The price includes firewood and one filling with tap/well water.


Rent a rowing boat with a motor

Rowing boat and a small motor with which you can enjoy the waves of Pappilanjoki river as well as nearby lakes Savijärvi and Jäppäjärvi. The rental price applies to the entire stay.


Rent bikes

Getting to know the neighbourhoods of Paikka pappilassa and trips to a grocery store are best done by bike. The bicycles are good old grandma's bikes and Jopo bikes. The price per bicycle applies to the entire stay.


White tableclothes

If you wish to use white tableclothes e.g. for a dinner, we have some. The washing fee is 6 euros/piece.



Extra towels 70 x 140 cm.



You can check the calendar when Paikka pappilassa is free, and make a reservation by sending an email to paikkapappilassa@gmail.com or by calling Kaisa on +358 40 846 1420. 



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